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We want babies to be happy, emotionally and mentally healthy. We want mothers to enjoy their nurturing role.

In order to achieve this, we prepare and support women and new mothers for the physical, emotional and mental transitions of pregnancy and early parenthood.

Our Work involves: Parent-Infant Attachment, Maternal Mental Health and Family Support through:

  • Advocacy, promotion and public awareness
  • Education through seminars and workshops
  • Screening, Diagnoses & Treatment
  • Outreach to local rural communities in isolation
  • Research on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

We  offer services for women and mothers in:

  • Emotional and mental guidance during pregnancy and early parenthood
  • Management of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and postpartum psychosis)
  • Emotional and supportive care after pregnancy loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss)
  • Forming healthy infant attachment
  • Coping with parental stress

For parents and families at our Family Support Clinic we offer counselling support for:

  • Adjusting to adverse situations (financial crisis, poverty, displacement)
  • General behavioural problems (i.e. tantrums)
  • Sleep disturbances (i.e. nightmares)
  • Anxiety and fears (i.e. specific phobias, like darkness)
  • Feeding and drinking difficulties
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggressive & violent behaviour
  • Attachment Parenting & its challenges

We have developed a series of evidence-based programs that guide pregnant womens emotional and mental health; that improve mood and coping for depression; and that develop the maternal-infant bond.

If you live in Greece and need to speak to someone about the issues raised here or would like to enquire about our programs, please contact us for an open and honest discussion. 

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Chrissa Georgiades, Psychologist

Email: info@sophrosyna.org

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