Pregnancy and Neonatal Loss

Pregnancy loss, and in particular miscarriage, is a contributing factor to poor maternal mental health during the perinatal period. Worldwide it is estimated that one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage, in the UK 10-20% of all pregnancies end in early miscarriage, i.e. before the first 12weeks of gestation. One to two percent of pregnancies end in a late miscarriage-before 24 weeks gestation. After 24 weeks gestation, all pregnancy loss is referred to as stillbirth. Miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal loss all can lead to an anxiety disorder, depression or even a serious mental health disorder. In addition, a previous pregnancy loss is also a contributing factor on a womans mental health state during a current pregnancy or even for future pregnancies-it is the anxiety of reliving the past and hoping all goes well this time round. Even the process of mourning conceals symptoms of depression and it is so important for parents who have lost an infant  to be in contact with services that can help them cope with their loss.