SOPHROSYNA originally was founded as a voluntary charity by psychologist Chrissa Georgiades following the stillbirth of her daughter, Sophronia on May9, 2012 at 33 weeks gestation, in order to bridge the gap in maternity mental health during perinatal loss.

The service is offered free of charge to parents who have experienced pregnancy loss, stillbirth and neonatal death.

Central to SOPHROSYNA is the psychology of the infant and mother. However, through our work with these two vulnerable groups, we recognize how important the existing family environment is to maternal and infant mental health. Therefore, we have extended our service to incorporate Child, Adolescent and Adult psychology.

Our efforts aim to:

  • Develop strategies through personal and group therapy, promoting mental health seminars aimed at prevention and promotion of mental disorders of mothers during the perinatal period
  • Increase awareness of the effects that maternal mental health bears on infants
  • Encourage actions that will improve the parent-infant relationship
  • Participate in and strengthen evidence-based maternal and infant mental health research