SOPHROSYNA Institute of Perinatal Psychology

SOPHROSYNA is a psychology mobile service that centres on infant and maternal mental health following evidence-based  research and psychotherapy. Our approach is infant-centred simply because infant health matters. Our philosophy is that when infants are raised in a secure nurturing environment by attentive loving carers-namely parents-they thrive and therefore, emotionally and mentally sound communities are formed. By doing so, we aim to reduce poor health and socio-economic outcomes for future societies.

In order to achieve optimal mental health for infants from 0-3 years of age, SOPHROSYNA prepares new parents for the transition into parenthood, we screen pregnant women for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and offer a series of therapy programs and workshops that build and strengthen the maternal bond and family. We provide treatment programs for parents and infants, home-start support, a family support clinic, a mobile service for service-users in rural areas, and research. In addition, we support families by offering complimentary services to families living in Greece who bear 3 or more children under 7yrs in their care, are unemployed or live below the poverty threshold.

Our name is the doric version of Sophrosyne (Σωφροσύνης), the personified notion of virtue-or soundness, of a healthy mind to the Greeks. We believe that when a mother has ‘soundness of mind’, meaning she is in a good mental state, then she is in a position to help herself, her infant and her family.

Our logo personifies that age-old bond of mother and baby.

SOPHROSYNA commemorates my baby girl Sophronia, who was born still on May 9, 2012.

                                                                           Chrissa Georgiades, SOPHROSYNA